100% Secure Shopping Guaranteed

With CatchinColour, the security of your credit card is guaranteed using our industrial strength 256-bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption technologies. All transactions are encrypted using Verisign, the World's leading e-commerce security provider.

This site uses a secure Server Certificate to guarantee that the information submitted in the checkout and payment process is safe. When you enter your name, address and credit card number, these details are encrypted on your computer and sent to us before being decrypted by our server. If anyone did manage to intercept this information, it would be illegible to them. Your credit card details are only used once, at the time of the payment transaction and are not stored after the transaction is completed.

What is a Server Certificate?

Technically, Server Certificates, also known as digital certificates, bind an identity to a pair of electronic keys that can be used to encrypt and sign digital information. A Server Certificate makes it possible to verify someone's claim that they have the right to use a given key. Used in conjunction with encryption, Server Certificates provide a complete security solution, assuring the identity of one or all parties involved in a transaction.

A Server Certificate is issued by a trusted third party called a Certification Authority (CA). A CA acts somewhat like a passport office. CAs must take steps to establish the identity of the people or organisations to whom they issue certificates. Once the CA establishes an organisation's identity, it issues a certificate that contains the organisation's public key and signs it with the CA's private Key.

By using a Server Certificate from Verisign (United Kingdom), our website conducts authenticated, encrypted online transactions. Our customers are able to submit credit card numbers and other personal information, with assurance that they are really doing business with us (and not an impostor) and that the information that they are sending cannot be intercepted or decrypted by anyone other than the intended recipient.

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