Print photos on canvas for the "Wow" factor

You can print photos on canvas to personalise your home.

Canvas prints are popular at the moment. The frameless pictures are modern and clean and you can find a range of great designs in local homeware and art stores. There's no shortage of companies that print photos on canvas, but if you want to be truly original, get your own pictures put onto canvas so that your home really does reflect the people that live there.

It's easy to print photos on canvas

If you’ve always liked the idea of turning your favourite photographs into works of art for your wall, but haven’t been sure where to start, then get in touch with us today. It’s easier than you think to print photos on canvas, and if you choose a company that uses the highest quality materials and processes, you can be sure that the result will be spectacular and give you the “wow” factor you’re looking for. Whether you want to reprint a wedding picture, a picture of friends or a photo of somewhere special you’ve visited, we can print photos on canvas for you.

Choosing your photos

You’ve probably got hundreds of great photos and it can be difficult to choose the ones to print onto canvas. Don’t go overboard – try just one to begin with so that you can see what it looks like. We print photos on canvas all the time, so we can print to your requirements. You may want to consider a series of smaller prints, showing your relationship over time, or a set of landscape shots that are linked by a theme; or you may want to print photos on canvas that’s much larger – giving you a sizeable picture to hang in your home. What you shouldn't do, unless you’re very sure you’re going to like the result, is order a whole set of large pictures – you need to know exactly where they’re going to go and exactly what they’re going to look like.

An increasing number of people are choosing to print photos on canvas to create individual and unique pieces of art on their walls. Properly done, this can create a real impact for people who are visiting your home and can make your special picture last a lifetime. If it's something you've always thought about doing, but never had the time to get around to, give it a try today!

CatchinColour provides high quality printing for digital photos on canvas. Using the best materials, reproduction software and printers, you can be sure that the photos that mean most to you can be beautifully captured on canvas. We print photos on canvas all the time and we’re proud of our reputation for top quality at affordable prices, together with free delivery in the UK and a lifetime guarantee. To find out more or to order your digital photos on canvas today, browse our website now.

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