Photo Printing on Canvas – Top Tips for Photo Art

If you're looking for photo printing on canvas to create unique art works for your home, check out some top tips for taking top digital photos.

Photo printing on canvas is a unique, individual way of creating art works for your home or for loved ones. But no matter how much you love the subject matter – whether it's a wedding, a loved one, your child or your pet – you need to make sure the photograph is a good one. If you're going to immortalize a photograph and turn it into art by photo printing on canvas, it takes more than just 'point and click'.

Photo Printing on Canvas with Digital Cameras

Before digital, we had to think more about the photographs we took. Film was limited and expensive – and taking a photograph required more know-how and skill. Now, it's assumed the digital camera does all the hard work for you so anybody can opt for photo printing on canvas thanks to their clever digital cameras producing perfect photos. But the reality is very different – the joy of digital is that because you can take as many photographs as you want, you're bound to get a shot you're happy with that you'd feel pleased with for photo printing on canvas. But it takes more than grabbing a unique moment, a perfect smile or the right composition.

Digital Cameras – Learn More for Photo Printing on Canvas

If you want to make the most of the opportunity of photo printing on canvas, a few simple tips when it comes to approaching your digital camera could make a massive difference. Many photographers still believe, despite digital technology, that it's not the camera that makes the image, it's the photographer. And before you set out to take a photo on your digital camera with the aim of photo printing on canvas, here are a few top tips:

  • Consider putting the auto setting onto 'cloudy' on a sunny day if you want richer, warmer colours. As it's digital, you can test it out for yourself to see the difference in tones by taking two photos of the same landscape using 'auto' and 'cloudy'.
  • Use photography applications on your computer – they will allow you to crop, add filters or create different looks so you can create a more arty feel before photo printing on canvas.
  • Try using the flash mode (don't put the flash on automatic) in outdoor scenes – a trick wedding photographers sometimes use to capture a professional looking image – perfect for photo printing on canvas. Putting your subject or matter in the shade on a sunny day and letting your flash do the work, means you won't end up with squinting eyes (check how far your flash reaches – it won't be suitable for middle distant or landscape shots).

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