Photo printing on canvas

Photo printing on canvas can create the perfect gift.

Are you looking for a gift that really reflects the relationship you have or that will mark an occasion in style? Why not look into photo printing on canvas, which allows you to choose a photo that means a lot to you and the recipient and then have it reproduced on quality canvas?

Arranging photo printing on canvas

It really is the perfect gift idea – the next step on from buying a photo frame. Your canvas doesn't have to be huge, but getting your photos printed this way means that there are more options when it comes to display – and you have created a piece of individual art that will mean a lot to the person who receives it. Consider photo printing on canvas for:

  • Wedding gifts – whether the bride and groom are setting up a new home or have been living together for years, it can be difficult to think of a really personal present. Photo printing on canvas is the perfect answer. Find a photo that represents their commitment, or shows them in previous years and have it reproduced on high quality canvas.
  • Anniversary gifts – photo printing on canvas allows you to reproduce photographs to a high standard. Choose a photo for your parents that shows them when they were younger, or one of the whole family together – or just the grandchildren. A good quality canvas print is a constant reminder of friends and family.
  • Retirement gifts – surprise a long-standing member of staff by presenting them with a canvas print. By talking to their spouse or relatives, you can get hold of a great photo and use photo printing on canvas to create a retirement gift that's out of the ordinary.
  • Housewarming gifts – most people have everything they need when they move home and it can be difficult to know what to give as a housewarming gift. Photo printing on canvas allows you to give something special – a landscape reminder of the area they’ve left behind or a happy family shot from a holiday – anything can be printed onto the canvas and it can be proudly displayed in the new home.
  • New baby gifts – one of the busiest times for our cameras is when a new baby is born. Taking a great new baby picture and transferring it onto canvas is the perfect way to celebrate a new life. It makes a stunning gift for the new parents, but also works well for relatives or friends who live too far away to see the newborn at first hand.

CatchinColour provides high quality printing for digital photos on canvas. Using the best materials, reproduction software and printers, you can be sure that the photos that mean most to you can be beautifully captured on canvas. We print photos on canvas all the time and we’re proud of our reputation for top quality at affordable prices, together with free delivery in the UK and a lifetime guarantee. To find out more or to order your digital photos on canvas today, browse our website now.

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