Digital photos on canvas

Printing your digital photos on canvas could transform your home.

Have you always wanted to display your favourite photographs around your home? Most people use photograph frames, but these don’t always show your photos off to their best advantage, and it can be expensive by the time you’ve paid to have your photograph enlarged and bought a good quality frame to display it in. Putting your digital photos on canvas, however, can produce a high-impact print for your home.

Why put digital photos on canvas?

The advent of digital photography has allowed us to do more with our photographs than ever before. It’s now incredibly easy to share your photographs with others, and to use software to improve the photographs you've taken – using cropping, colouring and focus to bring a lacklustre photo to life. The thing that people have lost with digital photography is the display of their photographs. Of course, we can share our photos through social networking sites or via email, but mostly they stay on our computer’s hard drive and never get seen. Printing your digital photos on canvas could change all that – your photos could be a real focus point in your home.

How to get digital photos on canvas

There are many companies offering to put your digital photos on canvas, but before you commit to anything, you need to make sure that you’re going to get the best quality for the money you’re paying. Transferring digital photos to canvas may sound straightforward, but if companies use inferior canvas and poor printing methods, you'll be really disappointed with the result. You need to make sure that the company you choose uses the best:

  • Stretchers
  • Reproduction software
  • Printers and inks

These are the four main aspects of a canvas print and if you're going to reproduce your digital photos on canvas, it's important to get all four of these areas spot-on. Poorly-constructed stretchers means that the canvas might shift on the frame, distorting your picture. Cheap inks may run, ruining the features and colours of your photo. Low quality canvas may not hold the ink properly and may fade over time, and a failure to reproduce your digital photos on canvas properly may mean that the photo looks stretched and out of proportion.

So, although getting your digital photos on canvas sounds like a great idea, take the time to check out the quality of the materials and processes used by your printing company so that you can be sure you’re going to get a great result.

CatchinColour provides high quality printing for digital photos on canvas. Using the best materials, reproduction software and printers, you can be sure that the photos that mean most to you can be beautifully captured on canvas. We print photos on canvas all the time and we’re proud of our reputation for top quality at affordable prices, together with free delivery in the UK and a lifetime guarantee. To find out more or to order your digital photos on canvas today, browse our website now.

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